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Welcoming Steve Tremble, Executive Director

The Bainbridge Schools Foundation is pleased to announce Steve Tremble as the organization’s new Executive Director. Steve comes to the Bainbridge Schools Foundation with over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector including executive and board leadership, fundraising, planning, stakeholder relations, and operations. Steve most currently was the Executive Director of Bainbridge Arts & Crafts and previously held leadership fundraising roles with Seattle ArtsFund and The Nature Conservancy.

“Steve comes to BSF with the great combination of Executive Director and Fundraising experience coupled with a working knowledge of how to run a successful nonprofit on Bainbridge Island,” said Scott Covey, Foundation President. “These skills and experiences will be vital, as Steve navigates BSF through the current challenging times and works to build a stronger and more impactful BSF for our students.”

At the Bainbridge Schools Foundation, Tremble will be working with donors, community partners, and the school district to develop and deliver sustainable funding resources for the island’s public schools. His experience with strategic planning, marketing, and resource development in this shifting time of education will be an asset for our schools and community. Tremble will assume his duties in August.

“The importance of a strong partner engaged with the public schools cannot be underestimated. It is a challenge in normal times for our schools to do what they do, taking our children in and engendering confidence,” said Tremble. “In these not so normal times with their added concerns, there is a rich opportunity to focus on the core institutions that are essential to building our community. BSF, in partnership with BISD, is in a position to fully meet the current challenge, and I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be at this moment.”

Tremble and his wife Tamar Kupiec are islanders with two children in the Bainbridge Island School District.

In the last decade, BSF has contributed more than $10 million to fund additional teachers and specialists in the classroom, provide academic support for students that need a boost, and empower our teachers with professional development, mentorship opportunities, and classroom grants. As changes in public education shift in the wake of recent economic and health situations, BSF pledges to continue to support students and teachers on their growing needs. Now, more than ever, it takes an island to ensure our students have the tools they need to succeed.

Get to know our 2019-2020 Board President, Anna Steen

As a parent in the Bainbridge Island School District and a current board president of the Bainbridge Schools Foundation, I feel grateful to live in a community where so many people contribute time and resources to our schools.

It takes a village to raise a child, as the old saying goes. It also takes an island as dedicated and caring as Bainbridge to make quality public education for all students a reality.

Our district is known for its dedicated teachers, hard-working staff, and engaged parents. Why is Bainbridge Schools Foundation necessary? To be blunt, because state and federal funding does not meet the needs of all our families. It requires additional resources to ensure our schools meet the needs of every student, every day.

Through the generosity of our donors, BSF enhances education for students from kindergarten through graduation. BSF funds innovative programs like the STEM Lab, academic support for struggling students, the social emotional learning initiative, and training and professional development for educators. I have seen firsthand the positive impact BSF makes in our schools.

It takes an island to ensure our schools inspire and support all students. I truly believe that quality education is the base for ensuring the next generation creates a kinder, better world. Please join me in this mission.

Board of Directors

Scott Covey, President
Anna Steen, Past President
Jason Cheung, Treasurer
Piper Thornburgh, Secretary


Peter Bang-Knudsen*
Lindsay Browning
Jerry Childers
Tricia Corsetti*
Bill Covert*
Mark Emerson*
Tara Hilgers
Michelle Hobbs
Maggie Jain
Mike Lewars
* ex-officio (non-voting)


April Murray
Troy Niehaus
Kathyryn Oliver
Kathleen Phillips
Clint Ramsey
Joanie Ransom
Caroline Reed
Tamara Turner
Polly Young

Advisory Council

Former board members and major donors who are dedicated to staying connected to BSF and who contribute advice and wisdom to our organization.

Jennifer Kim, Chair
Vicky Marsing
Molly Nikunen
Anne Blair
Nicole Leiker
Karen Segerson

Julie Yunt
Marianne Lindsey
Rob Dalton
Sarah Bullock
Mendy Droke
Elizabeth Chambers

Jennifer Pells
Fred Pabst
Andrea Pickett
Juliet LeDorze
Rob Bernard
Amin Neghabat

Jennifer Solseng
Paul Greenawalt
Carleen Gosney
Louisa Barash
Dana Greenawalt
Teaque Lenahan


Lisa Timmins
Interim Operations Manager


Elsa Watson
Development Associate


Allison Brock
Events Coordinator


Krista Tracy
Development Assistant



Musings on the importance of our mission from BSF board members.

Funding the future—

preparing students for lives

we cannot yet see.

Education needs

impactful dollars well spent,

changing students’ lives.

Each child a world of

possibility—let us

open every door.