funding schools

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Robust Schools. 
Robust Community.

Our classrooms and schools are communities nesting within the broader community of Bainbridge Island.

Schools, teachers, students, and their families are not islands on this island. Their wellbeing impacts all of us. 


Robust schools = robust community.


Bainbridge Schools Foundation, an independent nonprofit, exists to bridge the education funding gap. Island schools have programs that could not fully operate or even exist without the foundation’s funding.


Every year we raise approximately $1 million to fund critical programs covering a wide range of needs, such as academic intervention for struggling students, new teacher support, teacher training, and STEM.

The Bainbridge Schools Foundation supports the schools, and the community supports the foundation. In a challenging year with much uncertainty, your donation contributes to our community’s stability. Think big. Your investment will be repaid by the thousands of students who take what they learned in their island classroom out the door and into the world.



Social & Emotional Learning

BSF is providing critical funds for the Social Emotional Learning Initiative happening in all of our schools.


BSF is the catalyst for innovative and cutting-edge programs in our schools. One of our most successful programs is STEM Lab, serving every K-4th grader.

Support Struggling Students

By providing struggling students with targeted support, we ensure they have the skills they need to reach their full potential. 

Train & Support Teachers

Students learn more from great teachers. BSF provides funds to ensure our teachers can access professional development opportunities and trainings.

BSF Awards $50,000 in Grants

to Schools to Address COVID Impact

Bainbridge Schools Foundation has awarded grants to each district principal to address COVID impact on their schools. 

Totaling $50,000, these funds, directed at the discretion of the principals, can be used in a number of significant ways, from enhancing safety protocols to addressing program needs that have been created by both remote learning and hybrid reopening.

The grant is allocated as follows:

  • Captain Charles Wilkes Elementary School: $5,000

  • Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary School: $5,000

  • Ordway Elementary School: $5,000

  • Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School: $8,000

  • Woodward  Middle School: $8,000

  • Commodore Options School: $8,000

  • Bainbridge High School: $11,000

Corporate Sponsors

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