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Thank you for your interest in BSF's Classroom Innovation Grants

The purpose of the BSF Classroom Innovation Grants program is to fuel innovation in the classroom by incorporating creative, original, or out-of-the-box methods in the classroom.

To access the grant application please go here.

The deadline is Friday, October 19th. 

BSF is deeply grateful to you, our educators. We could not achieve our mission without you. Thank you for always stepping up to donate, champion, and volunteer with BSF. You are our most valuable partners and advocates.

2018-19 BSF Classroom Innovation Grant Application – NOTE: unfortunately the application form is unable to save changes so that you can come back later to finish. Please work offline to write your narrative (i.e. Word). Cut and paste your content and make sure you hit submit. You can make changes after submitting. Thank you!

Would you like to see the full list of application questions? Click here to view.

BSF is likely to fund:

• Projects that are creative and innovative
• New ways of approaching teaching and learning
• Pilot projects that could, over time, scale to more classrooms and school buildings
• Opportunities for collaboration among teachers, community partners, departments
• Projects that benefit a large number of students

We encourage you to think big. BSF wants to partner with you to test new ideas.

BSF is less likely to fund:

• Workbooks or schools supplies
• Online subscriptions
• Furniture, room dividers, or capital requests for classrooms (unless there is a clear innovative component to the request)
• Professional development trainings (BSF will provides $80,000 in professional development funds to BISD this year. Please contact your principal if you have a professional development request.)
• Teacher salary, release time substitutes, and para-pro positions

Process and Deadline

• Proposal deadline: October 19th
• Grant decisions announced on Tuesday, November 13th
• Spring Grant Showcase: April/May TBD

A few more details

• We have $55,000 budgeted for grants. A suggested range for requests is $2,500-$10,000.
• Requests for technology must be approved by the IT Department. Please reach out to Randi Ivancich for feedback and approval before submitting your application.
• Please ensure your principal supports your grant request before submission.
• Grant applications are read by lay people, so be clear and concise to help the committee understand the value of your project.
• Please submit an accurate grant application and clearly written budget. Please include tax and shipping in your budget.

Sharing Your Success Stories

We are excited to have you share stories of how your grant is making a difference in your classroom. We’ll be reaching out to visit, take pictures, and encourage you to write a blog post for BSF to showcase your work.

To access the grant application please go here.