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High School Academic Intervention ($60,000)
The most powerful agent for change in the life of a student is personal connection, especially for students who are feeling discouraged by the high school experience. A personal connection with a caring, supportive, honest adult can make all the difference.

— description of the Academic Intervention program by Kristen Haizlip, Bainbridge High School Principal

We provide resources for a robust support system for struggling students in 9th-12th grade.  While BHS successfully serves most students, we are deeply committed to identifying students at high risk of failure. We are seeking constructive ways to help struggling students, ensuring they feel supported and empowered to reach their full potential. For many of these students, the realization that someone is paying attention is all it takes to see positive results.

This year, BSF has increased funding for the Academic Intervention program to include a math specialist.

At the high school, this means we have two amazing teachers who will spend a portion of their day establishing a more robust, data-driven system for finding struggling students, focusing on long-term solutions to help them engage and succeed. In some cases, students need additional resources, or placement in classes geared to help them overcome personal challenges. Other students need focused, intentional time for homework and studying in a calm, safe, supportive environment.

As Kim Kooistra (English 9 and 10) noted, “This program provides an essential support system for both students and teachers. We’re creating a focused support circle that enables parents, counselors, administrators, teachers, and students to work together.”

The result is better resources for connecting struggling students with the support they need. And ultimately, we seek to spark their motivation to engage and excel in school.