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Highly qualified teachers

Academic support

Innovative programs

Your donation to BSF will support the following initiatives in 2018-19.

Academic Support for Struggling Students ($240,000)
BSF provides academic assistant for students who need it by funding the Achieve Program, Homework Clubs, and Learning Assistance Professionals.

K-4 STEM Lab ($140,000)
STEM Lab focuses on the engineering process while providing students with  hands-on opportunities to work collaboratively on a team.

Social Emotional Learning ($25,000)
BSF will provide professional development support for teachers and staff as our school district implements a social emotional learning initiative.

Classroom Innovation Grants ($55,000)
The best ideas in education come from teachers, and BSF supports these ideas. We focus on new ways of approaching teaching and learning and pilot projects that could scale to more classrooms.

Woodward student

High School Academic Intervention ($60,000)
We provide resources for a robust support system for struggling students in 9th-12th grade. Last year, BSF increased funding for the Academic Intervention program to include a math specialist.

Teacher Support Initiative ($50,000)
BSF is working in partnership with the Bainbridge Island School District to fund a multi-year strategy to ensure we can attract, support, and retain the very best teachers.


Professional Development for Educators ($80,000)
Students learn more from highly qualified teachers. BSF provides teachers with continuing education that supports their growth and the adoption of best teaching practices.

Edible Education

Edible Education ($10,000)
Through our partnership with EduCulture we provide environmental education to children through school gardens, trips to working farms, and a school lunch program.

Photography class at BHS, Photo by Richard Malzahn

High School Arts and Lecture Series ($7,500)
BSF provides funding to the Arts and Humanities Departments at BHS to connect students to engaging, inspiring, and hands-on performances, events, and speakers.

What do our school leaders say about BSF?

“It is impossible to walk through a classroom and not see BSF contributions at work. The programs BSF sponsors provide tremendous opportunities for our students. BSF is helping to ensure that every child is challenged and inspired.”

– Principal Amii Pratt, Wilkes Elementary

“Thank you to BSF for helping to create a bright future for each child! Blakely students are incredibly fortunate to have access to so many exciting and engaging programs!”

– Principal Reese Ande, Blakely Elementary

“We have high student and staff support at Ordway thanks to BSF. The Foundation seeds our schools and we appreciate how it helps our students to bloom and grow!”

– Principal Melinda Reynvaan, Ordway Elementary