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Classroom Innovation Grants 2018-2019

Multi-School Grants

Jennine Rau, Bainbridge High, Eagle Harbor High
Through video games, autistic students who often feel disconnected from school will be given the opportunity for leadership, collaboration and connection.

Diane Fielding Bedell, Blakely Elementary, Ordway Elementary, Wilkes Elementary, Odyssey Multiage Program
This grant will allow all K-4 STEM teachers to provide a robust and parallel robotics curriculum that will serve as a feeder to intermediate, middle and high school robotics programs.


Abigail Hoag, Jill Phillips, Whitney Skarbek, Cara Pope, Blakely Elementary, Ordway Elementary, Wilkes Elementary, Odyssey Multiage Program
Phonics instruction for struggling readers at Wilkes/Ordway/Blakely.


Michele Shields, Chris Kozina, Eagle Harbor High, Odyssey Multiage Program
New physical education equipment will allow PE teachers to incorporate many more new activities into the PE curriculum for Commodore Options School, grades K-12.


Cara Pope, Eagle Harbor High, Odyssey Multiage Program, Mosaic Home School Support
Create classroom sensory kits and centers for Commodore students K-12 who need to access sensory therapy in the classroom for self-regulation.


Siri Miller, Eagle Harbor High, Odyssey Multiage Program, Mosaic Home School Support
Supplies to create a series of art murals to promote community and beautify Commodore entrance.


V’Ann Wagner-Brent, Ordway Elementary, Wilkes Elementary
Provide storybooks with materials that will enable special education students to help make story-time an interactive experience for students.


Martha Wells, Mosaic Home School Support
Rainforest books for Mosaic to integrate study in art, science, language arts, music and Spanish.

Elementary School Support

Teresa Ball, Erin Sheehan, Blakely Elementary
Enhance student problem-solving skills by providing technology (Osmo, Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon) to maximize creativity and usefulness of classroom iPads.


Elaine Hanson, Blakely Elementary
Xylophones for Music at Blakely.


Margretta Murnane, Odyssey Multiage Program
Adding resources to the Odyssey K-6 library that will expand access to multidisciplinary study of world cultures.


April Cross, Ordway Elementary
Reading materials for Ordway 1st graders to further their literacy foundation and help their independent reading levels grow.


Laura Nelson, Ordway Elementary
Introduce and provide a library of ebooks for Ordway library that promotes small group work and home access for completing work.


Denise Melton-Todd, Ordway Elementary
Provide National Geographic Panorama program in spanish for El Velero science/social studies.


Lynne Ukich, Sue Constan, Tamra Hauge, Wilkes Elementary
Provide books for Wilkes Character Education program enabling students to understand, value and demonstrate in actions towards others and self, the Wilkes themes of curiosity, kindness and optimism.


Upper Grade Support

Elizabeth Vroom, Sakai Intermediate
Moving, flexible workstations to help create a more focused learning environment at Sakai.


Beth Hebert, Sakai Intermediate
Mindfulness practice for staff and students at Sakai with Jen Breen.


Mark D. Gurtler, Sakai Intermediate
Purchase Arduino microcontrollers and electronics to support hands-on STEM education at Sakai.


Julie Brockish, Sakai Intermediate
Wobble Seats learning furniture and Time Timers for ADHD students at Sakai.

Also see Odyssey Multiage Program funding above.

Carrie Newman, Woodward Middle School
Books for 8th Grade to increase student access to high quality reading materials and increase student interest in reading.

Carrie Newman, Woodward Middle School
Online program for 8th graders to increase skill building in reading and writing.


Betsy Carlson, Woodward Middle School
Bring Washington State history to life for 8th graders by offering ‘Return of the River' documentary film, and in-person conversation with the film’s producer and featured tribal elder.


Ian Patrick, Woodward Middle School
Increasing middle school students recreational reading by enhancing the ebooks library that can be accessed via student’s Chromebooks.


Jennifer Brooks, Woodward Middle School
Standing desks at Woodward Resource Room to allow students to physically move and have greater physical exertion while performing academic activities.


Kaleb Anderson, Bainbridge High
Provide Gift Cards for BHS Special Education Students to Practice Vital Independent Living Skills.


Caitlin Beaven, Eagle Harbor High
Tools for project based learning to bring young adult literature circles that center around Social and Emotional Learning.

Information about additional past grant recipients can be found here: Past Classroom Grant Recipients 

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