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You Make It Happen

Many thanks to Keep It Cinematic. (2019)

The Leaders of Tomorrow

Many thanks to Richard Malzahn. (2018)

What Makes You Love Learning?

Bainbridge students, from elementary to high school, talk about what makes them excited to learn. [Many thanks to Richard Malzahn. (2017)]

I Might Want to be an Engineer When I Grow up

Students and teachers talk about the power of making mistakes, something they often discuss in STEM lab – one of the innovative programs that BSF funds every year, thanks to your donations. [Many thanks to Rob Dalton. (2016)]

Darwin and Mr. Meehan

Darwin explains how Mr. Meehan excels at combining fun and hard work in band class at Woodward.

Colin and Mrs. Walter

Colin and Sakai teacher Mrs. Walter discuss the joys of an inquiry-based approach to science class.

Jacob and Mrs. Koivu

Jacob and Mrs. Koivu reflect fondly on their time as teacher and student in the Odyssey multi-age program.

Rose and Mr. Chee

Rose describes how Mr. Chee has shared the concepts of gracious professionalism and the Socratic method both as a physics teacher and as coach of the BHS Robotics team.

Lang and Mrs. Pratt

Lang and his 1st-and-2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Pratt, talk about the importance of kindness and a willingness to get along with others.

Lilah and Mrs. Walter

Lilah and Ordway kindergarten teacher Mrs. Walter describe the learning journey that has taken Lilah from an unsure writer to the author of her first book.