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Why do you give?

“We give because we’ve seen firsthand how BSF programs make a difference for kids of all ages.”

Beaulieu-Shepard Family
STEM enthusiasts, ski bums, rope skippers

“BSF provides supplementary funds to our schools which are vital to creating a high quality education system. We give because our schools are the heart of this community.” 

George and Margaret Sterling
Grandparents, golfers, cheerleaders for public education

“Good schools are not good enough. The projects BSF funds, like classroom grants and new teacher support, foster innovation in our classrooms. I give to BSF because great schools are their goal.”

Jen Pells
Mom of two BHS students, Realtor, BSF Advisory Council Member

Why fund education?

Our public schools are the heart of our community and an educated population is the cornerstone of our democracy. Supporting public education means supporting the future and ensuring tomorrow’s leaders have the skills and knowledge to help solve some of our world’s most vexing challenges.

Many of us moved here because our schools are among the best in the state. One of the reasons our schools are strong is because our community provides ongoing support by voting on bonds and levies, volunteering in classrooms and with the PTO, and donating to BSF.

Does our state fully fund education?

State funding increases this year are supporting smaller class sizes and improving staff pay. However, based on June 2018 data from OSPI (our state’s education agency), Bainbridge Island School District still receives less funding per pupil than Mercer Island, Seattle, North Kitsap, and Bremerton. BSF bridges the gap to fund initiatives that are essential for our students, including academic and social-emotional support.

While Washington has a strong economy and was ranked #1 for business in 2017, our state ranks 19th in the nation for per-student education dollars.

I give to my PTO. Why give to BSF?

Our PTOs create a sense of community at each individual school and raise important support for technology, classroom supplies, field trips, and more. Our PTOs understand the unique needs at each school and galvanize parent volunteers.

BSF provides big-picture, district-wide support that impacts every student. We are the only organization that can fund teacher salaries. BSF is proud to work in close partnership with our PTO community. By supporting both your PTO and BSF, you extend the impact of your giving and enrich the education path for all students.

How are our schools funded?
  • State
  • Federal
  • Local
  • BSF, PTOs, & other
Is our state keeping up?

No. We live in a time when we are asking our students to know and do more than ever before. Our state boasts rigorous standards and tough graduation requirements. Unfortunately, state funding, teacher salaries, and class size have not kept up.

How does WA compare?

Per pupil funding in 1993: WA ranked 11th

Per pupil funding in 2015: WA ranked 29th

Teacher salary in 2012: WA ranked 23rd

Class size in 2014: WA ranked 46th