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Our classrooms and schools are communities nesting within the broader community of Bainbridge Island.

Schools, teachers, students, and their families are not islands on this island. Their wellbeing impacts all of us. 

Robust Schools = Robust Community.

Bainbridge Schools Foundation, an independent nonprofit, exists to bridge the education funding gap. Island schools have programs that could not fully operate or even exist without the foundation’s funding. 

Every year we raise approximately $1 million to fund critical programs covering a wide range of needs, such as academic intervention for struggling students, new teacher support, teacher training, and STEM.

The Bainbridge Schools Foundation supports the schools, and the community supports the foundation. In a challenging year with much uncertainty, your donation contributes to our community’s stability. Think big. Your investment will be repaid by the thousands of students who take what they learned in their island classroom out the door and into the world.


In a couple of weeks, under normal circumstances, Bainbridge Schools Foundation would have been holding its annual gala. No language we insert here can replicate the richness of an in-person event. But of course, the (positive) fallout of that event is what truly matters ─ funds flow to the schools, funds that cover programs that, in general, are not supported by either levy or state funds.

Last year, in one evening, BSF raised $500,000 for the schools. As there will be no gala this year, we encourage you to follow this link and assists us in replacing the event’s revenue.  

Funds from a gala or checks in the mail do the same thing. The district’s budget does not recognize a difference. 

Though we cannot join our friends and colleagues in a lively party celebrating the schools, your gift at this time will be heartily celebrated by students, teachers, and the community.     

BSF Awards $50,000 in Grants to Schools to Address Covid Impact

Bainbridge Schools Foundation has awarded grants to each district principal to address Covid impact on their schools. 

Totaling $50,000, these funds, directed at the discretion of the principals, can be used in a number of significant ways, from enhancing safety protocols to addressing program needs that have been created by both remote learning and hybrid reopening.

The grant is allocated as follows:

  • Captain Charles Wilkes Elementary School: $5,000
  • Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary School: $5,000
  • Ordway Elementary School: $5,000
  • Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School: $8,000
  • Woodward  Middle School: $8,000
  • Commodore Options School: $8,000
  • Bainbridge High School: $11,000
BSF is pleased to announce Steve Tremble as the organization’s new Executive Director. Steve comes to the Bainbridge Schools Foundation with over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Learn more…

Innovation Video
Innovation is one of BSF’s three funding areas. Check out the video to see where innovation makes a difference for our students!

Support Local Businesses
During the pandemic, please support these local businesses that invest in our public schools!

Employer Match
Can your employer double a donation that you’ve already made? Use our easy look up system to find out!
When you donate to BSF, you . . .

Increase support for Social Emotional Learning

BSF is providing critical funds for the Social Emotional Learning Initiative happening in all of our schools.

Advance Innovation

BSF is the catalyst for innovative and cutting-edge programs in our schools. One of our most successful programs is STEM Lab , serving every K-4th grader.

Support students who struggle

By providing struggling students with targeted support, we ensure they have the skills they need to reach their full potential. 

Train and support teachers

Students learn more from great teachers. BSF provides funds to ensure our teachers can access professional development opportunities and trainings.

teachers & staff
our annual goal
generous island community
Support Our Public Schools

Please join us! Your donation to BSF creates a rich learning environment for all children. When you donate to BSF you become a champion for our students and our teachers. Exceptional public schools are only possible with your support, so please help our students continue to receive the best possible education.  

Support our public schools here

Honor a Teacher With Your Support

Your gift will be used to support our teachers by providing professional development opportunities and mentorship programs for new teachers. Research shows that effective teaching is the most significant predictor of a student’s success. You will help ensure our teachers have the tools and training they need to help every student thrive. When you make a gift of $365 or more, you can dedicate your donation to your favorite teacher and BSF will send them a hand-written note of gratitude. 

Honor a teacher here

Join Our Sustainable Giving Circle

Make a monthly contribution to BSF and know your charitable giving is in place for the entire year to come. No further action required! This also spreads your support over the year, making it easier on your budget. 

Make a monthly donation here

Learn More About Our Impact

The next world-class engineer, President of the United States, or concert pianist is sitting in a Bainbridge Island public school classroom right now. By investing in their lives, we help them achieve their dreams. Strong schools support every child, including those who need additional assistance along the path to adulthood. Our island benefits when our young people have the skills, knowledge, and inspiration they need now and in the future. 

Learn more about how your donation impacts every student, every day here