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The value of an education is priceless, but the cost of providing a first-rate education is very real.  When it comes to providing exceptional programs, assistance for struggling students, and funds to keep our teachers engaged and inspired, your donations to BSF are critical.  

You and your fellow Islanders contribute annually to take our students’ education from basic to outstanding.  Take a look at where your dollars make a difference in our schools, supporting every student, every day.


  • STEM Lab – Teamwork, tenacity, and problem solving are tackled by every K-4 student in our district. This program, launched by BSF in 2015, presents students with science, technology, engineering, and math challenges to solve in a team setting. STEM Lab is funded by donations to BSF.

  • Spartronics, the BHS Robotics Team – BSF manages a pass-through fund for Spartronics that allows donors to support the program easily and in a tax-deductible manner.


  • Reading Club – Funding for reading intervention is tied to a district’s rates of free and reduced lunch.  As a district with a very low rate, BISD only receives enough funding to help the students with the most serious need, but this would mean ignoring the many elementary students who are falling behind their peers in reading.  

  • Achieve Class, Homework Club, Reading Clubs, Tutoring – As students grow older, their support needs change. Older students who could use extra time in a particular subject can take part in after school Homework Clubs or Tutoring. Students who need help with planning, time management, and juggling assignments benefit from the Achieve Class, available at Woodward and Odyssey.

  • High School Academic Intervention – This program at BHS, focuses specifically on students who are at risk for not graduating. BHS staff is alerted to any student who is short on credits, has failed more than one test, or has been identified by a teacher, allowing staff to intervene and help the student create a roadmap that works.  This program has truly helped students turn downward spirals into success stories.

  • Youth Experience Support Fund (YES Fund– The YES Fund provides financial assistance to young people who may not have the resources to meet basic needs, to achieve academic success, or to pursue extracurricular activities. In its first year of existence, the fund paid for Model UN costs, cleats and sweats for athletes, and graduation caps and gowns for students who would not otherwise have been able to afford them.



  • Professional Development – Research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor contributing to a student’s academic success.  Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources, and more. 

  • Social Emotional Learning – Recent research shows that when a student “feels seen” by two or more adults, it dramatically improves their overall resilience – their ability to handle setbacks and challenges – both at school and in life. BSF funding provides district-wide training and support for educators and staff, helping them bring a social-emotional lens to every interaction they have with our students. In addition, the effort focuses on teaching our students good self-regulation and hope-building skills.

  • New Teacher Support Initiative – A startling 50% of early-career teachers leave the profession by their fifth year, taking their enthusiasm and talent out of the classroom. For that reason, BSF has partnered with the district to fund this initiative, which pairs an experienced teacher with one who requests mentoring – with dramatically positive results. These newer teachers are able to observe other classrooms, meet with their peers to discuss teaching issues, and attend mentor group meetings.

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