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Welcome Allyson Brown, BSF's new Executive Director

The BSF board of directors is pleased to announce and welcome Allyson Brown as our new Executive Director. Allyson is looking forward to partnering with the community to support public education.

Allyson comes to BSF from IslandWood where she served in various leadership positions, most recently as Senior Vice President of Philanthropy. In her fourteen years at IslandWood, she led fundraising campaigns as well as directed marketing and community engagement efforts. She also served as the Executive Director of One Call for All, the island-wide community fundraising effort.

“I want to deepen how the community sees the importance of investing in our kids and schools,” says Brown. “I believe in the work at BSF and am honored to be a part of its future.”

Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about BSF and how you can support our schools! I would love to hear from you.

“Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.”
– Fred Rogers

Get to know our Board President, Brian Livingston

As the BSF Board President, son of a former teacher, and parent of two Wilkes students, I am proud to invest my time and energy in our public schools. My wife Megan, Bainbridge graduate and former BHS biology teacher, and I are grateful to live in a community that cares about and funds education because we believe it is one of the most important things we can do for our children.

BSF impacts so many aspects of our public schools and all our students. By providing classroom grants to teachers, we are a catalyst for innovation. By doubling the resources our district devotes to struggling students, we ensure every student has the support they need to thrive. By investing in social emotional learning, we help build an academic culture that serves the whole child.

We could not do it without you. Thank you for your ongoing support of BSF. I encourage you to continue to be involved this year.

I look forward to partnering with you to continuing strengthening our schools. Please volunteer, attend an event, and donate during our fall Clickathon campaign. Together, we are promoting and inspiring the best possible opportunities for all students.

Board of Directors

Brian Livingston, President
Sonja Fritts, Past President
Anna Steen, President Elect
Chris Cancialosi, Treasurer
Scott Covey, Secretary


Peter Bang-Knudsen
Elizabeth Bell
Lindsay Clothier Browning
Jim Corsetti
Lisa Hale
Jenna Hall
Sheila Jakubik
Mike Lewars
Tamar Lowell
Dave Manning


Troy Niehaus
Kathleen Phillips
Tina Pujolar
Clint Ramsey
Joanie Ransom
Caroline Reed
Brad Schick
Piper Thornburgh
Lisa Timmins

Advisory Council

Former board members and major donors who are dedicated to staying connected to BSF and who contribute advice and wisdom to our organization.

Jennifer Kim, Chair
Vicky Marsing
Molly Nikunen
Anne Blair
Nicole Leiker
Karen Segerson

Julie Yunt
Marianne Lindsey
Rob Dalton
Sarah Bullock
Mendy Droke
Elizabeth Chambers

Jennifer Pells
Fred Pabst
Andrea Pickett
Juliet LeDorze
Rob Bernard
Amin Neghabat

Jennifer Solseng
Paul Greenawalt
Carleen Gosney
Louisa Barash
Dana Greenawalt
Teaque Lenahan


Allyson Brown, Executive Director

Kari Wright, Senior Development Associate

Elsa Watson, Development Associate


Musings on the importance of our mission from BSF board members.

Funding the future—

preparing students for lives

we cannot yet see.

Education needs

impactful dollars well spent,

changing students’ lives.

Each child a world of

possibility—let us

open every door.